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§ 7-100. Introduction

The principles and practices described in this Introduction to Basic Legal Citation are elaborated in far greater specificity (and with differences noted throughout this work) in two citation references widely used in U.S. law schools.

This concluding segment contains a set of point by point cross-references to those books. Tables set out in subsequent sections have been designed to enable users of this introduction to find the relevant treatment of each citation principle or category of material covered here in either The Bluebook (§ 7-300) or the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation (§ 7-400), whichever they are working from.

In addition, because the current Bluebook is but the latest in a long succession of editions, it being the twentieth, this segment offers an inventory of the more recent changes of significance. See § 7-200.

A concluding table (§ 7-500) furnishes state by state access to citation examples of the three most frequently cited categories of primary law material – cases, statutes, and regulations – noting those points on which the norms and practice of each state diverge from the prescriptions of the "national" guides.

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