Process condenser

Process condenser means a condenser whose primary purpose is to recover material as an integral part of an MCPU. All condensers recovering condensate from an MCPU at or above the boiling point or all condensers in line prior to a vacuum source are considered process condensers. Typically, a primary condenser or condensers in series are considered to be integral to the MCPU if they are capable of and normally used for the purpose of recovering chemicals for fuel value (i.e., net positive heating value), use, reuse or for sale for fuel value, use, or reuse. This definition does not apply to a condenser that is used to remove materials that would hinder performance of a downstream recovery device as follows:
(1) To remove water vapor that would cause icing in a downstream condenser, or
(2) To remove water vapor that would negatively affect the adsorption capacity of carbon in a downstream carbon adsorber, or
(3) To remove high molecular weight organic compounds or other organic compounds that would be difficult to remove during regeneration of a downstream carbon adsorber.


40 CFR § 63.2550

Scoping language

For an affected source complying with the requirements in subpart SS of this part 63, the terms used in this subpart and in subpart SS of this part 63 have the meaning given them in 63.981, except as specified in 63.2450(k)(2) and (m), 63.2470(c)(2), 63.2475(b), and paragraph (i) of this section.

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