Cargo tank

Cargo tank means a bulk packaging that:
(1) Is a tank intended primarily for the carriage of liquids, gases, solids, or semi-solids and includes appurtenances, reinforcements, fittings, and closures (for tank, see §§ 178.337–1, 178.338–1, or 178.345–1, as applicable);
(2) Is permanently attached to or forms a part of a motor vehicle, or is not permanently attached to a motor vehicle but that, by reason of its size, construction, or attachment to a motor vehicle, is loaded or unloaded without being removed from the motor vehicle; and
(3) Is not fabricated under a specification for cylinders, intermediate bulk containers, multi-unit tank car tanks, portable tanks, or tank cars.


49 CFR § 178.320

Scoping language

Definitions. For the purpose of this subchapter:

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