Scientific research plan

Scientific research plan means a detailed, written formulation, prepared in advance of the research, for the accomplishment of a scientific research project. At a minimum, a sound scientific research plan should include:
(1) A description of the nature and objectives of the project, including the hypothesis or hypotheses to be tested.
(2) The experimental design of the project, including a description of the methods to be used, the type and class of any vessel(s) to be used, and a description of sampling equipment.
(3) The geographical area(s) in which the project is to be conducted.
(4) The expected date of first appearance and final departure of the research vessel(s) to be employed, and deployment and removal of equipment, as appropriate.
(5) The expected quantity and species of fish to be taken and their intended disposition, and, if significant amounts of a managed species or species otherwise restricted by size or sex are needed, an explanation of such need.
(6) The name, address, and telephone/telex/fax number of the sponsoring organization and its director.
(7) The name, address, and telephone/telex/fax number, and curriculum vitae of the person in charge of the project and, where different, the person in charge of the research project on board the vessel.
(8) The identity of any vessel(s) to be used including, but not limited to, the vessel's name, official documentation number and IRCS, home port, and name, address, and telephone number of the owner and master.


50 CFR § 600.10

Scoping language

Unless defined otherwise in other parts of Chapter VI, the terms in this chapter have the following meanings:

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