Transportation equipment cleaning process wastewater

Transportation equipment cleaning (TEC) process wastewater means all wastewaters associated with cleaning the interiors of tanks including: tank trucks; rail tank cars; intermodal tank containers; tank barges; and ocean/sea tankers used to transport commodities or cargos that come into direct contact with the interior of the tank or container. At those facilities that clean tank interiors, TEC process wastewater also includes wastewater generated from washing vehicle exteriors, equipment and floor washings, TEC-contaminated stormwater, wastewater prerinse cleaning solutions, chemical cleaning solutions, and final rinse solutions. TEC process wastewater is defined to include only wastewater generated from a regulated TEC subcategory. Therefore, TEC process wastewater does not include wastewater generated from cleaning hopper cars, or from food grade facilities discharging to a POTW. Wastewater generated from cleaning tank interiors for purposes of shipping products (i.e., cleaned for purposes other than maintenance and repair) is considered TEC process wastewater. Wastewater generated from cleaning tank interiors for the purposes of maintenance and repair on the tank is not considered TEC process wastewater. Facilities that clean tank interiors solely for the purposes of repair and maintenance are not regulated under this part.


40 CFR § 442.2

Scoping language

In addition to the general definitions and abbreviations at 40 CFR part 401, the following definitions shall apply to this part:

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