Operational wastes

Operational wastes means all solid wastes (including slurries) not covered by other MARPOL Annexes that are collected on board during normal maintenance or operations of a ship, or used for cargo stowage and handling. Operational wastes also include cleaning agents and additives contained in cargo hold and external wash water. Operational wastes does not include discharges essential to the operation of a ship, including but not limited to graywater, bilge water, ballast water, controllable pitch propeller and thruster hydraulic fluid and other oil to sea interfaces (e.g., thruster bearings, stabilizers, rudder bearings, etc.), deck washdown and runoff and above water line hull cleaning (not harmful to the marine environment), firemain systems water, gas turbine wash water, and/or non-oily machinery wastewater.


33 CFR § 151.05

Scoping language

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