Wages. Wages include the gross amount of your wages rather than the net amount paid after deductions by your employer for items such as taxes and insurance. Wages are defined in subpart K of this part, except that we also include the following types of wages that are excluded in subpart K:
(1) Remuneration in excess of the amounts in the annual wage limitation table in § 404.1047;
(2) Wages of less than the amount stipulated in section § 404.1057 that you receive in a calendar year for domestic service in the private home of your employer, or service not in the course of your employer's trade or business;
(3) Payments for agricultural labor excluded under § 404.1055;
(4) Remuneration, cash and non-cash, for service as a home worker even though the cash remuneration you received is less than the amount stipulated in § 404.1058(a) in a calendar year;
(5) Services performed outside the United States in the Armed Forces of the United States.


20 CFR § 404.429

Scoping language

General. The term earnings as used in this subpart (other than as a part of the phrase net earnings from self-employment) includes the sum of your wages for services rendered in a taxable year, plus your net earnings from self-employment for the taxable year, minus any net loss from self-employment for the same taxable year.

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