Fishing gear,

Fishing gear, as used in regulations for the American Samoa, CNMI, Hawaii, and PRIA bottomfish fisheries in subparts B through E of this part, includes:
(1) Bottom trawl, which means a trawl in which the otter boards or the footrope of the net are in contact with the sea bed;
(2) Gillnet, (see § 600.10);
(3) Hook-and-line, which means one or more hooks attached to one or more lines;
(4) Set net, which means a stationary, buoyed, and anchored gill net; and
(5) Trawl, (see § 600.10).


50 CFR § 665.12

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act, 600.10 of this chapter, and subparts B through F of this part, general definitions for western Pacific fisheries have the following meanings:

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