Actual crop revenue

Actual crop revenue is calculated as follows for:
(1) ARC–CO, for a crop year of a covered commodity: The actual average county yield per planted acre of the covered commodity times the higher of either the market year average (MYA) price of the covered commodity or the national average loan rate for the covered commodity. If a county has separate irrigated and non-irrigated yields established for a covered commodity, the actual crop revenue calculated for a farm with that covered commodity will be weighted by FSA based on the farm's historical irrigated percentage.
(2) ARC–IC, for a producer on a farm for a crop year, which is based on the producer's enrolled share of planted acres of all covered commodities on all farms for which ARC–IC has been elected and in which the producer has an interest for which the producer enrolled: the sum of the results of the following calculation for each covered commodity on the farm:
(i) The total production of the covered commodity for all enrolled farms in the State in which the producer has an interest; times
(ii) The higher of either the MYA price or national loan rate for the covered commodity; divided by
(iii) The producer's share of the planted acres of the covered commodity in the State.


7 CFR § 1412.3

Scoping language

The definitions in this section are applicable for all purposes of administering this part. The terms defined in part 718 of this title and part 1400 of this chapter are also applicable, except where those definitions conflict with the definitions specified in this section. Where there is a conflict or a difference in definitions specified in this part and part 718 of this title or part 1400 of this chapter, the regulations in this part will apply.

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