Project oversight costs.

Project oversight costs. Reasonable expenses incurred by a priority purchaser in carrying out its ongoing ownership responsibilities under an approved plan of action. Project oversight costs must be directly related to educating the priority purchaser's board of directors or otherwise supporting the board in its decision making. Project oversight costs may include staff, overhead, or third-party contract costs for:
(1) Ensuring adequate and responsible participation by the board of directors and the membership of the priority purchaser in ownership decisions, including ensuring resident input in these decisions;
(2) Facilitating long-range planning by the board of directors to ensure the physical, financial and social viability of the project for the entire time the project is maintained as low income housing; and
(3) Assisting the ownership in complying with regulatory, use, loan and grant agreements.


24 CFR § 248.101

Scoping language

Acquisition Loan. A loan or advance of credit made to a qualified purchaser of eligible low income housing and insured by the Commissioner under part 241, subpart E of this chapter.

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