Process wastewater,

Process wastewater, for this subpart, means all wastewater associated with pesticide formulating, packaging and repackaging except for sanitary water, non-contact cooling water and those wastewaters excluded from the applicability of the rule in 455.40.


40 CFR § 455.41

Scoping language

Initial Certification Statement for this subpart means a written submission to the appropriate permitting authority, e.g., the local Control Authority (the POTW) or NPDES permit writer which must be signed by the responsible corporate officer as defined in 40 CFR 403.12(l) or 40 CFR 122.22 and which:
(1) Lists and describes those product families, process lines and/or process units for which the PFPR facility is implementing the Pollution Prevention Alternative (“P2 Alternative”);
(2) Describes the PFPR facility specific practices for each product family/process line/process unit which are to be practiced as part of the P2 Alternative;
(3) Describes any justification allowing modification to the practices listed in Table 8 to this part 455; and
(4) Lists the treatment system being used to obtain a P2 allowable discharge (as defined in 455.41).

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