Testing party

Testing party means a party (including, but not limited to, domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers, importers, private labelers, or component part suppliers) who procures tests (either by conducting the tests themselves, when this is allowed, or by arranging for another party to conduct the tests), of a consumer product, or any component part thereof, for compliance, in whole or in part, with any applicable rule, ban, standard, or regulation enforced by the CPSC. Testing laboratories and third party conformity assessment bodies are not testing parties under this definition.
(l) Third party conformity assessment body means a testing laboratory whose accreditation has been accepted by the CPSC to conduct certification testing on children's products. Only third party conformity assessment bodies whose scope of accreditation includes the applicable required tests can be used to test children's products for purposes of supporting certification pursuant to section 14(a) of the CPSA and testing to ensure continued compliance pursuant to section 14(i) of the CPSA.
(m) Traceable means the ability of a certifier to identify all testing parties of a component part of a consumer product or a finished product, including the name and address of each testing party and any party that conducted testing on the component part or finished product. Parties that conduct testing may include a manufacturer, a supplier, a testing laboratory, or a third party conformity assessment body. Traceability extends to the component part of the product that was tested for compliance, such that if a subassembly is tested, that subassembly must be traceable, not each component part of the subassembly, if those parts were not individually tested for other rules, bans, standards, or regulations.


16 CFR § 1109.4

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