Miscellaneous formulation manufacturing process

Miscellaneous formulation manufacturing process means:
(A) A manufacturing process which compounds one or more of the following and is capable of emitting VOM:
(1) Adhesives.
(2) Asphalt solutions.
(3) Caulks, sealants, or waterproofing agents.
(4) Coatings, other than paint and ink.
(5) Concrete curing compounds.
(6) Dyes.
(7) Friction materials and compounds.
(8) Resin solutions.
(9) Rubber solutions.
(10) Viscose solutions.
(B) The storage and handling of formulations associated with the process described above, and the use and handling of organic liquids and other substances for clean-up operations associated with the process described in this definition.


40 CFR § 52.741

Scoping language

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