Individual. (i) Each individual broker must state in the report required under paragraph (d)(1) of this section whether he or she is actively engaged in transacting business as a broker. If he or she is so actively engaged, the broker must also:
(A) State the name under which, and the address at which, the broker's business is conducted if he or she is a sole proprietor, and an email address;
(B) State the name and address of his or her employer if he or she is employed by another broker, unless his or her employer is a partnership, association or corporation broker for which he or she is a qualifying member or officer for purposes of § 111.11(b) or (c)(2); and
(C) State whether or not he or she still meets the applicable requirements of §§ 111.11 and 111.19 and has not engaged in any conduct that could constitute grounds for suspension or revocation under § 111.53.


19 CFR § 111.30

Scoping language

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