Exceedance means a daily value that is above the level of the 24-hour standard after rounding to the nearest 10 g/m 3 (i.e., values ending in 5 or greater are to be rounded up).


40 CFR § K_to_part_50

Scoping language

This appendix explains the computations necessary for analyzing particulate matter data to determine attainment of the 24-hour standards specified in 40 CFR 50.6. For the primary and secondary standards, particulate matter is measured in the ambient air as PM10 (particles with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to a nominal 10 micrometers) by a reference method based on appendix J of this part and designated in accordance with part 53 of this chapter, or by an equivalent method designated in accordance with part 53 of this chapter. The required frequency of measurements is specified in part 58 of this chapter.

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