Employee. The term employee does not include a director, trustee, officer or member of the advisory board.


17 CFR § 270.8b-2

Scoping language

Unless the context otherwise requires, the terms in paragraphs (a) through (m) of this section, when used in the rules contained in 270.8b-1 through 270.8b-33, in the rules under section 30(a) or (b) of the Act or in the forms for registration statements and reports pursuant to section 8 or 30(a) or (b) of the Act, shall have the respective meanings indicated in this section. The terms EDGAR, EDGAR Filer Manual, electronic filer, electronic filing, electronic format, electronic submission, paper format, and signature shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in Regulation S-TGeneral Rules for Electronic Filings (Part 232 of this chapter).

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