Level of impairment.

Level of impairment. The disorder results in functional limitations in major life activities within the past 3 to 6 months that would be appropriate for the individual's developmental stage. An individual typically has at least one of the following characteristics on a continuing or intermittent basis:
(A) Interpersonal functioning. The individual has serious difficulty interacting appropriately and communicating effectively with other persons, has a possible history of altercations, evictions, firing, fear of strangers, avoidance of interpersonal relationships and social isolation;
(B) Concentration, persistence, and pace. The individual has serious difficulty in sustaining focused attention for a long enough period to permit the completion of tasks commonly found in work settings or in work-like structured activities occurring in school or home settings, manifests difficulties in concentration, inability to complete simple tasks within an established time period, makes frequent errors, or requires assistance in the completion of these tasks; and
(C) Adaptation to change. The individual has serious difficulty in adapting to typical changes in circumstances associated with work, school, family, or social interaction, manifests agitation, exacerbated signs and symptoms associated with the illness, or withdrawal from the situation, or requires intervention by the mental health or judicial system.
(iii) Recent treatment. The treatment history indicates that the individual has experienced at least one of the following:
(A) Psychiatric treatment more intensive than outpatient care more than once in the past 2 years (e.g., partial hospitalization or inpatient hospitalization); or
(B) Within the last 2 years, due to the mental disorder, experienced an episode of significant disruption to the normal living situation, for which supportive services were required to maintain functioning at home, or in a residential treatment environment, or which resulted in intervention by housing or law enforcement officials.


42 CFR § 483.102

Scoping language

This subpart applies to the screening or reviewing of all individuals with mental illness or intellectual disability who apply to or reside in Medicaid certified NFs regardless of the source of payment for the NF services, and regardless of the individual's or resident's known diagnoses.

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