(1) “Condition” means the relative degree of soundness of a product which may affect its merchantability and includes those factors which are subject to change and may result from, but not necessarily limited to, age, improper handling, storage or lack of refrigeration.
(2) Examples of condition factors include maturity or stage of ripeness; state of freshness, such as crispness, tenderness, or toughness; wilting; shriveling or flabbiness; mechanical injuries resulting from improper handling after packing; progressive pathological, physiological, and virus diseases, including fungal and bacterial roots; and freezing damage which may occur in transit or storage; or any other factor which may occur, develop, or progress in the marketing channels.


7 CFR § 51.2

Scoping language

Words in the regulations in this part in the singular form shall be deemed to import the plural, and vice versa, as the case may demand. For the purposes of the regulations in this part, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

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