Single and complete project

Single and complete project means the total project proposed or accomplished by one owner/developer or partnership or other association of owners/developers. For example, if construction of a residential development affects several different areas of a headwater or isolated water, or several different headwaters or isolated waters, the cumulative total of all filled areas should be the basis for deciding whether or not the project will be covered by an NWP. For linear projects, the single and complete project (i.e., single and complete crossing) will apply to each crossing of a separate water of the United States (i.e., single waterbody) at that location; except that for linear projects crossing a single waterbody several times at separate and distant locations, each crossing is considered a single and complete project. However, individual channels in a braided stream or river, or individual arms of a large, irregularly-shaped wetland or lake, etc., are not separate waterbodies.


33 CFR § 330.2

Scoping language

The definitions found in 33 CFR parts 320-329 are applicable to the terms used in this part.

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