(B) Requirements. The Commission shall adopt data collection and reporting requirements for swap execution facilities that are comparable to corresponding requirements for derivatives clearing organizations and swap data repositories.


17 CFR § B_to_part_37

Scoping language

1. This appendix provides guidance on complying with core principles, both initially and on an ongoing basis, to maintain registration under section 5h of the Act and this part 37. Where provided, guidance is set forth in paragraph following the relevant heading and can be used to demonstrate to the Commission compliance with the selected requirements of a core principle of this part 37. The guidance for the core principle is illustrative only of the types of matters a swap execution facility may address, as applicable, and is not intended to be used as a mandatory checklist. Addressing the issues set forth in this appendix would help the Commission in its consideration of whether the swap execution facility is in compliance with the selected requirements of a core principle; provided however, that the guidance is not intended to diminish or replace, in any event, the obligations and requirements of applicants and swap execution facilities to comply with the regulations provided under this part 37.

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