Loan Program Requirements

Loan Program Requirements or SBA Loan Program Requirements are requirements imposed upon Lenders, CDCs, or Intermediaries by statute; SBA and applicable government-wide regulations; any agreement the Lender, CDC, or Intermediary has executed with SBA; SBA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); Federal Register notices; official SBA notices and forms applicable to the 7 Loan Program, 504 Loan Program or Microloan Program; and loan authorizations, as such requirements are issued and revised by SBA from time to time. For CDCs, this term also includes requirements imposed by Debentures, as that term is defined in 120.802. For Intermediaries, this term also includes requirements imposed by promissory notes, collateral documents, and grant agreements.


13 CFR § 120.10

Scoping language

The following terms have the same meaning wherever they are used in this part. Defined terms are capitalized wherever they appear.

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