Marked and severe functional limitations,

Marked and severe functional limitations, when used as a phrase, means the standard of disability in the Social Security Act for children claiming SSI benefits based on disability. It is a level of severity that meets, medically equals, or functionally equals the listings. (See 416.906, 416.924, and 416.926a.) The words marked and severe are also separate terms used throughout this subpart to describe measures of functional limitations; the term marked is also used in the listings. (See 416.924 and 416.926a.) The meaning of the words marked and severe when used as part of the phrase marked and severe functional limitations is not the same as the meaning of the separate terms marked and severe used elsewhere in 404 and 416. (See 416.924(c) and 416.926a(e).)


20 CFR § 416.902

Scoping language

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