Performance testing facilities.

Performance testing facilities. If required to do performance testing, the owner or operator of each new regulated source and, at the request of the Administrator, the owner or operator of each existing regulated source, shall provide performance testing facilities as specified in the following:
(1) Sampling ports adequate for test methods applicable to such source. This includes, as applicable, the following requirements:
(i) Constructing the air pollution control system such that volumetric flow rates and pollutant emission rates can be accurately determined by applicable test methods and procedures; and
(ii) Providing a stack or duct free of cyclonic flow during performance tests as demonstrated by applicable test methods and procedures;
(2) Safe sampling platform(s);
(3) Safe access to sampling platform(s);
(4) Utilities for sampling and testing equipment; and
(5) Any other facilities that the Administrator deems necessary for safe and adequate testing of a source.


40 CFR § 65.157

Scoping language

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