General prohibitions.

(b) General prohibitions. The following ten general prohibitions describe certain exports, reexports, and other conduct, subject to the scope of the EAR, in which you may not engage unless you either have a license from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) or qualify under part 740 of the EAR for a License Exception from each applicable general prohibition in this paragraph. The License Exceptions at part 740 of the EAR apply only to General Prohibitions One (Exports and Reexports in the Form Received), Two (Parts and Components Reexports), and Three (Foreign-Produced Direct Product Reexports); however, selected License Exceptions are specifically referenced and authorized in part 746 of the EAR concerning embargo destinations and in 744.2(c) of the EAR regarding nuclear end-uses.


15 CFR § 736.2

Scoping language

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