Design values

Design values are the metrics (i.e., statistics) that are compared to the NAAQS levels to determine compliance, calculated as specified in section 5 of this appendix. The design values for the primary NAAQS are:
(1) The annual mean value for a monitoring site for one year (referred to as the “annual primary standard design value”).
(2) The 3-year average of annual 98th percentile daily maximum 1-hour values for a monitoring site (referred to as the “1-hour primary standard design value”).


40 CFR § S_to_part_50

Scoping language

This appendix explains the data handling conventions and computations necessary for determining when the primary national ambient air quality standards for oxides of nitrogen as measured by nitrogen dioxide (NO2 NAAQS) specified in 50.11 are met. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is measured in the ambient air by a Federal reference method (FRM) based on appendix F to this part or by a Federal equivalent method (FEM) designated in accordance with part 53 of this chapter. Data handling and computation procedures to be used in making comparisons between reported NO2 concentrations and the levels of the NO2 NAAQS are specified in the following sections.

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