Communicable disease

Communicable disease means any disease capable of being transmitted from one person to another directly, by contact with excreta or other discharges from the body; or indirectly, via substances or inanimate objects contaminated with excreta or other discharges from an infected person. Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 12113, the Department of Health and Human Services periodically publishes in the Federal Register a list of infectious and communicable diseases that are transmissible through the food supply, and that list provides examples of communicable diseases for purposes of 10.304 of this title.


46 CFR § 10.107

Scoping language

With respect to part 16 of this subchapter only, if the definitions in paragraph (b) of this section differ from those set forth in 16.105, the definition set forth in 16.105 applies.

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