Eligible person

Eligible person shall mean:
(1) The spouse of any person who died of a service-connected disability; or
(2) The spouse of any member of the armed forces serving on active duty who at the time of application for assistance under this subpart, is listed, pursuant to 37 U.S.C. 556 and the regulations issued thereunder, by the Secretary concerned, in one or more of the following categories and has been so listed for a total of more than 90 days: (i) Missing in action, (ii) captured in line of duty by a hostile force, or (iii) forcibly detained or interned in line of duty by a foreign government or power; or
(3) The spouse of any person who has a total disability permanent in nature resulting from a service-connected disability or the spouse of a veteran who died while a disability so evaluated was in existence.


20 CFR § 1001.101

Scoping language

Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training (ASVET) shall mean the official of the Department of Labor as described in 1001.110 of this part.

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