Initial consultation.

Initial consultation. A prospective applicant required or potentially required or requesting to use the pre-filing process must first consult with the Director on the nature of the project, the content of the pre-filing request, and the status of the prospective applicant's progress toward obtaining the information required for the pre-filing request described in paragraph (d) of this section. This consultation will also include discussion of the specifications for the applicant's solicitation for prospective third-party contractors to prepare the environmental documentation for the project, and whether a third-party contractor is likely to be needed for the project.


18 CFR § 157.21

Scoping language

LNG terminal facilities and related jurisdictional natural gas facilities. A prospective applicant for authorization to site, construct and operate facilities included within the definition of LNG terminal, as defined in 153.2(d), and any prospective applicant for related jurisdictional natural gas facilities must comply with this section's pre-filing procedures and review process. These mandatory pre-filing procedures also shall apply when the Director finds in accordance with paragraph (e)(2) of this section that prospective modifications to an existing LNG terminal are modifications that involve significant state and local safety considerations that have not been previously addressed. Examples of such modifications include, but are not limited to, the addition of LNG storage tanks; increasing throughput requiring additional tanker arrivals or the use of larger vessels; or changing the purpose of the facility from peaking to base load. When a prospective applicant is required by this paragraph to comply with this section's pre-filing procedures:
(1) The prospective applicant must make a filing containing the material identified in paragraph (d) of this section and concurrently file a Letter of Intent pursuant to 33 CFR 127.007, and a Preliminary Waterway Suitability Assessment (WSA) with the U.S. Coast Guard (Captain of the Port/Federal Maritime Security Coordinator). The latest information concerning the documents to be filed with the Coast Guard should be requested from the U.S. Coast Guard. For modifications to an existing or approved LNG terminal, this requirement can be satisfied by the prospective applicant's certifying that the U.S. Coast Guard did not require such information.
(2) An application:
(i) Shall not be filed until at least 180 days after the date that the Director issues notice pursuant to paragraph (e) of this section of the commencement of the prospective applicant's pre-filing process; and
(ii) Shall contain all the information specified by the Commission staff after reviewing the draft materials filed by the prospective applicant during the pre-filing process, including required environmental material in accordance with the provisions of part 380 of this chapter, “Regulations Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act.”
(3) The prospective applicant must provide sufficient information for the pre-filing review of any pipeline or other natural gas facilities, including facilities not subject to the Commission's Natural Gas Act jurisdiction, which are necessary to transport regassified LNG from the subject LNG terminal facilities to the existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure.

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