VE Job Plan.

Value Engineering (VE) Job Plan. A systematic and structured action plan for conducting and documenting the results of the VE analysis. While each VE analysis shall address each phase in the VE Job Plan, the level of analysis conducted and effort expended for each phase may be scaled to meet the needs of each individual project. The VE Job Plan shall include and document the following seven phases:
(1) Information Phase: Gather project information including project commitments and constraints.
(2) Function Analysis Phase: Analyze the project to understand the required functions.
(3) Creative Phase: Generate ideas on ways to accomplish the required functions which improve the project's performance, enhance its quality, and lower project costs.
(4) Evaluation Phase: Evaluate and select feasible ideas for development.
(5) Development Phase: Develop the selected alternatives into fully supported recommendations.
(6) Presentation Phase: Present the VE recommendation to the project stakeholders.
(7) Resolution Phase: Evaluate, resolve, document and implement all approved recommendations.


23 CFR § 627.3

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