Capacity factor

Capacity factor means either:
(1) The ratio of a unit's actual annual electric output (expressed in MWe/hr) to the unit's nameplate capacity (or maximum observed hourly gross load (in MWe/hr) if greater than the nameplate capacity) times 8760 hours; or
(2) The ratio of a unit's annual heat input (in million British thermal units or equivalent units of measure) to the unit's maximum rated hourly heat input rate (in million British thermal units per hour or equivalent units of measure) times 8,760 hours.


40 CFR § 72.2

Scoping language

The terms used in this part, in parts 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78 of this chapter shall have the meanings set forth in the Act, including sections 302 and 402 of the Act, and in this section as follows:

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