Installation Instructions.

S5.5 Installation Instructions. The manufacturer of rear impact guards for sale to vehicle manufacturers shall include with each guard printed instructions in English for installing the guard, as well as a diagram or schematic depicting proper guard installation. The manufacturer of a rear impact guard for one of its own vehicles shall prepare and keep a copy of installation procedures applicable to each vehicle/guard combination for a period of one year from the date of vehicle manufacture and provide them to NHTSA on request. The instructions or procedures shall specify:
(a) Vehicles on which the guard can be installed. Vehicles may be designated by listing the make and model of the vehicles for which the guard is suitable, or by specifying the design elements that would make any vehicle an appropriate host for the particular guard (e.g., vehicles with frame rails of certain spacing and gauge of steel).
(b) A description of the chassis surface to which the guard will be attached, including frame design types with dimensions, material thickness, and tire track width. This description shall be detailed enough to permit the agency to locate and duplicate the chassis surface during compliance testing.
(c) An explanation of the method of attaching the guard to the chassis of each vehicle make and model listed or to the design elements specified in the instructions or procedures. The principal aspects of vehicle chassis configuration that are necessary to the proper functioning of the guard shall be specified including the maximum allowable vertical distance between the bottom edge of the horizontal member of the guard and the ground to ensure post-test ground clearance requirements are met. If the chassis strength is inadequate for the guard design, the instructions or procedures shall specify methods for adequately reinforcing the vehicle chassis. Procedures for properly installing any guard attachment hardware shall be provided.


49 CFR § 571.223

Scoping language

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