One-to-four family property

One-to-four family property means any of the following:
(1) Real property containing:
(i) One-to-four dwelling units; or
(ii) More than four dwelling units if each unit is separated from the other units by dividing walls that extend from ground to roof, including row houses, townhouses or similar types of property;
(2) Manufactured housing if:
(i) Applicable state law defines the purchase or holding of manufactured housing as the purchase or holding of real property; and
(ii) The loan to purchase the manufactured housing is secured by that manufactured housing;
(3) Individual condominium dwelling units or interests in individual cooperative housing dwelling units that are part of a condominium or cooperative building without regard to the number of total dwelling units therein; or
(4) Real property containing one-to-four dwelling units with commercial units combined, provided the property is primarily residential.


12 CFR § 1266.1

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