Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) means the following:
(1) For any calendar year before 2019, EHR technology (which could include multiple technologies) certified under the ONC Health IT Certification Program that meets one of the following:
(i) The 2014 Edition Base EHR definition (as defined at 45 CFR 170.102) and that has been certified to the certification criteria that are necessary to report on applicable objectives and measures specified for the MIPS advancing care information performance category, including the applicable measure calculation certification criterion at 45 CFR 170.314(g)(1) or (2) for all certification criteria that support an objective with a percentage-based measure.
(ii) Certification to—
(A) The following certification criteria:
(1) CPOE at—
(i) 45 CFR 170.314(a)(1), (18), (19) or (20); or
(ii) 45 CFR 170.315(a)(1), (2) or (3).
(2)(i) Record demographics at 45 CFR 170.314(a)(3); or
(ii) 45 CFR 170.315(a)(5).
(3)(i) Problem list at 45 CFR 170.314(a)(5); or
(ii) 45 CFR 170.315(a)(6).
(4)(i) Medication list at 45 CFR 170.314(a)(6); or
(ii) 45 CFR 170.315(a)(7).
(5)(i) Medication allergy list 45 CFR 170.314(a)(7); or
(ii) 45 CFR 170.315(a)(8).
(6)(i) Clinical decision support at 45 CFR 170.314(a)(8); or


42 CFR § 414.1305

Scoping language

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