contaminated non-process wastewater

The term, contaminated non-process wastewater shall mean any water including precipitation runoff which, during manufacturing or processing, comes into incidental contact with any raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by-product or waste product by means of: (1) Precipitation runoff; (2) accidental spills; (3) accidental leaks caused by the failure of process equipment and which are repaired or the discharge of pollutants therefrom contained or terminated within the shortest reasonable time which shall not exceed 24 hours after discovery or when discovery should reasonably have been made, whichever is earliest; and (4) discharges from safety showers and related personal safety equipment, and from equipment washings for the purpose of safe entry, inspection and maintenance; provided that all reasonable measures have been taken to prevent, reduce, eliminate and control to the maximum extent feasible such contact and provided further that all reasonable measures have been taken that will mitigate the effects of such contact once it has occurred.


40 CFR § 418.11

Scoping language

For the purpose of this subpart:

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