Effective dates

Effective dates -
(1) In general. This section is effective for taxable years beginning after December 31, 1975. However, transitional rules under paragraph (g) of this section are effective for certain earlier taxable years.
(2) Acts covered. This section reflects changes made by the following Acts of Congress:
(3) Prior regulations. For taxable years beginning before January 1, 1976, see 26 CFR 1.46-1 (Rev. as of April 1, 1979). Those regulations do not reflect changes made by Pub. L. 89-384, Pub. L. 89-389, and Pub. L. 91-172.
(b) General rule. The amount of investment credit (credit) allowed by section 38 for the taxable year is the portion of credit available under section 46(a)(1) that does not exceed the limitation based on tax under section 46(a)(3).
(c) Credit available. The credit available for the taxable year is the sum of -
(1) Unused credit carried over from prior taxable years under section 46(b) (carryovers).
(2) Amount of credit determined under section 46(a)(2) for the taxable year (credit earned), and
(3) Unused credit carried back from succeeding taxable years under section 46(b) (carrybacks).


26 CFR § 1.46-1

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