Foreign entity

Foreign entity means a member of a controlled group that -
(1) Is not a contributing sponsor of a plan;
(2) Is not organized under the laws of (or, if an individual, is not a domiciliary of) any state (as defined in section 3(10) of ERISA); and
(3) For the fiscal year that includes the date the reportable event occurs, meets one of the following tests -
(i) Is not required to file any United States federal income tax form;
(ii) Has no income reportable on any United States federal income tax form other than passive income not exceeding $1,000; or
(iii) Does not own substantial assets in the United States (disregarding stock of a member of the plan's controlled group) and is not required to file any quarterly United States tax returns for employee withholding.


29 CFR § 4043.2

Scoping language

The following terms are defined in 4001.2 of this chapter: benefit liabilities, Code, contributing sponsor, controlled group, ERISA, fair market value, irrevocable commitment, multiemployer plan, PBGC, person, plan, plan administrator, plan year, single-employer plan, and substantial owner.

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