Off-road vehicle

Off-road vehicle means any motorized vehicle (including standard automobile) designed for or capable of cross-country travel on or immediately over land, water, sand, snow, ice, marsh, swampland, or natural terrain. The term excludes:
(1) Nonamphibious registered motorboats;
(2) Military, fire, emergency, or law enforcement vehicles when used for emergency purpose;
(3) Self-propelled lawnmowers, snowblowers, garden or lawn tractors, and golf carts while being used for their designed purpose;
(4) Agricultural, timbering, construction, exploratory, and development equipment and vehicles while being used exclusively as authorized by permit, lease, license, agreement, or contract with the Bureau;
(5) Any combat or combat support vehicle when used in times of national defense emergencies;
(6) “Official use” vehicles; and
(7) Electric bikes as defined by paragraph (h) of this section: While being used on roads and trails upon which mechanized, non-motorized use is allowed, that are not being used in a manner where the motor is being used exclusively to propel the E-bike for an extended period of time, and where the Regional Director has expressly determined, as part of a land-use planning or implementation-level decision, that E-bikes should be treated the same as non-motorized bicycles.


43 CFR § 420.5

Scoping language

As used in this part, the term:

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