Treatment of beneficiaries.

(B) Treatment of beneficiaries. For purposes of this paragraph (d)(3), benefits provided with respect to a participant and any beneficiary of the participant (including an alternate payee, as defined in section 414(p)(8)) are aggregated. If the only benefits paid under the plan with respect to the participant are death benefits payable to the beneficiary, then paragraph (d)(3)(iii)(B) of this section is applied by substituting the lifetime of the beneficiary for the lifetime of the participant. If the accrued benefit of a participant is allocated to such an alternate payee and one or more other persons, then the unrestricted amount under paragraph (d)(3)(iii)(D) of this section is allocated among such persons in the same manner as the accrued benefit is allocated, unless a qualified domestic relations order (as defined in section 414(p)(1)(A)) with respect to the participant or the alternate payee provides otherwise. See paragraphs (j)(2)(ii) and (j)(6)(ii) of this section for other special rules relating to beneficiaries.


26 CFR § 1.436-1

Scoping language

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