Notice of denial.

(ii) Notice of denial. If the application is denied, the State agency shall provide the household with written notice explaining the basis for the denial, the household's right to request a fair hearing, the telephone number of the SNAP office (a toll-free number or a number where collect calls will be accepted for households outside the local calling area), and, if possible, the name of the person to contact for additional information. If there is an individual or organization available that provides free legal representation, the notice shall also advise the household of the availability of the service. A household which is potentially categorically eligible but whose SNAP application is denied shall be asked to inform the State agency if it is approved to receive PA and/or SSI benefits or benefits from a State or local GA program. In cases where the State agency has elected to use a notice of denial when a delay was caused by the household's failure to take action to complete the application process, as provided in 273.2(h)(2), the notice of denial shall also explain: The action that the household must take to reactivate the application; that the case will be reopened without a new application if action is taken within 30 days of the date the notice of denial was mailed; and that the household must submit a new application if, at the end of the 30-day period, the household has not taken the needed action and wishes to participate in the program. If the State agency chooses the option specified in 273.2(h)(2) of reopening the application in cases where verification is lacking only if household provides verification within 30 days of the date of the initial request for verification, the State agency shall include on the notice of denial the date by which the household must provide the missing verification.


7 CFR § 273.10

Scoping language

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