Redress. An individual whose application is denied or whose participation is suspended or terminated has three possible methods for redress. These processes do not create or confer any legal right, privilege or benefit on the applicant or participant, and are wholly discretionary on the part of CBP. The methods of redress are:
(l) Enrollment center. The applicant/participant may contest his or her denial, suspension or removal by writing to the enrollment center where that individual's interview was conducted. The enrollment center addresses are available at The letter must be received by CBP within 30 calendar days of the date provided as the date of suspension or removal. The individual should write on the envelope “Redress Request RE: Global Entry.” The letter should address any facts or conduct listed in the notification from CBP as contributing to the denial, suspension or removal and why the applicant/participant believes the reason for the action is invalid. If the applicant/participant believes that the denial, suspension or revocation was based upon inaccurate information, the individual should also include any reasonably available supporting documentation with the letter. After review, CBP will inform the individual of its redress decision. If the individual's request for redress is successful, the individual's eligibility to participate in Global Entry will resume immediately.
(2) DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP). The applicant/participant may choose to initiate the redress process through DHS TRIP. An applicant/participant seeking redress may obtain the necessary forms and information to initiate the process on the DHS TRIP Web site at, or by contacting DHS TRIP by mail at the address on this Web site.
(3) Ombudsman. Applicants (including applicants who were not scheduled for an interview at an enrollment center) and participants may contest a denial, suspension or removal by writing to the CBP Trusted Traveler Ombudsman at the address listed on the Web site


8 CFR § 235.12

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