Notice of pending status.

(iii) Notice of pending status. If the application is to be held pending because some action by the State is necessary to complete the application process, as specified in 273.2(h)(2), or the State agency has elected to pend all cases regardless of the reason for delay, the State agency shall provide the household with a written notice which informs the household that its application has not been completed and is being processed. If some action by the household is also needed to complete the application process, the notice shall also explain what action the household must take and that its application will be denied if the household fails to take the required action within 60 days of the date the application was filed. If the State agency chooses the option specified in 273.2(h) (2) and (3) of holding the application pending in cases where verification is lacking only until 30 days following the date verification was initially requested, the State agency shall include on the notice of pending status the date by which the household must provide the missing verification.


7 CFR § 273.10

Scoping language

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