Distilled spirits.

Distilled spirits. Ethyl alcohol, hydrated oxide of ethyl, spirits of wine, whisky, rum, brandy, gin, and other distilled spirits, including all dilutions and mixtures thereof, for nonindustrial use. The term distilled spirits does not include mixtures containing wine, bottled at 48 degrees of proof (24 percent alcohol by volume) or less, if the mixture contains more than 50 percent wine on a proof gallon basis. The term distilled spirits also does not include products containing less than one degree of proof (0.5 percent alcohol by volume).


27 CFR § 5.1

Scoping language

When used in this part and on forms prescribed under this part, the following terms have the meaning assigned to them in this section, unless the terms appear in a context that requires a different meaning. Any other term defined in the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) and used in this part has the same meaning assigned to it by the FAA Act.

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