Monitoring means any form of collecting data on a routine basis to determine or otherwise assess compliance with emission limitations or standards. Recordkeeping may be considered monitoring where such records are used to determine or assess compliance with an emission limitation or standard (such as records of raw material content and usage, or records documenting compliance with work practice requirements). The conduct of compliance method tests, such as the procedures in appendix A to part 60 of this chapter, on a routine periodic basis may be considered monitoring (or as a supplement to other monitoring), provided that requirements to conduct such tests on a one-time basis or at such times as a regulatory authority may require on a non-regular basis are not considered monitoring requirements for purposes of this paragraph. Monitoring may include one or more than one of the following data collection techniques, where appropriate for a particular circumstance:
(1) Continuous emission or opacity monitoring systems.
(2) Continuous process, capture system, control device or other relevant parameter monitoring systems or procedures, including a predictive emission monitoring system.
(3) Emission estimation and calculation procedures (e.g., mass balance or stoichiometric calculations).
(4) Maintenance and analysis of records of fuel or raw materials usage.
(5) Recording results of a program or protocol to conduct specific operation and maintenance procedures.
(6) Verification of emissions, process parameters, capture system parameters, or control device parameters using portable or in situ measurement devices.
(7) Visible emission observations.
(8) Any other form of measuring, recording, or verifying on a routine basis emissions, process parameters, capture system parameters, control device parameters or other factors relevant to assessing compliance with emission limitations or standards.


40 CFR § 64.1

Scoping language

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