Qualifying disaster event

Qualifying disaster event means:
(1) For 2017 WHIP, a hurricane, wildfire, or Tropical Storm Cindy or related condition that occurred in the 2017 calendar year; extreme cold in calendar year 2017 for losses of peach and blueberry crops in calendar year 2017; and extreme cold and hurricane damage in calendar year 2017 for blueberry productivity losses in calendar year 2018; and
(2) For WHIP+, a hurricane, flood, tornado, typhoon, volcanic activity, snowstorm, wildfire, excessive moisture, qualifying drought, or related condition that occurred in the 2018 or 2019 calendar year.


7 CFR § 760.1502

Scoping language

The following definitions apply to this subpart. The definitions in 718.2 and 1400.3 of this title also apply, except where they conflict with the definitions in this section. In the event of conflict, the definitions in this section apply.

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