Tax accounting methods.

(iv) Tax accounting methods. The tax accounting methods to be employed are those established or adopted by or on behalf of the foreign corporation under paragraph (c) of 1.964-1. Thus, such accounting methods must be consistent with the manner of treating inventories, depreciation, and elections referred to in subdivisions (ii), (iii), and (iv) of paragraph (c)(1) of 1.964-1 and used for purposes of such paragraph; however, if, in accordance with paragraph (c)(6) of 1.964-1, a foreign corporation receives foreign base company income before any elections are made or before an accounting method is adopted by or on behalf of such corporation under paragraph (c)(3) of 1.964-1, the determinations of whether an exclusion set forth in section 954(b) applies shall be made as if no elections had been made and no accounting method had been adopted.


26 CFR § 1.952-2

Scoping language

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