Assurance account

Assurance account means an Allowance Management System account, established by the Administrator under 97.625(3) for certain owners and operators of a group of one or more CSAPR SO2 Group 1 sources and units in a given State (and Indian country within the borders of such State), in which are held CSAPR SO2 Group 1 allowances available for use for a control period in a given year in complying with the CSAPR SO2 Group 1 assurance provisions in accordance with 97.606 and 97.625.


40 CFR § 97.602

Scoping language

The terms used in this subpart shall have the meanings set forth in this section as follows, provided that any term that includes the acronym CSAPR shall be considered synonymous with a term that is used in a SIP revision approved by the Administrator under 52.38 or 52.39 of this chapter and that is substantively identical except for the inclusion of the acronym TR in place of the acronym CSAPR:

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