Family attribution.

Family attribution. For purposes of this section
(i) Paragraphs (1) and (5)(B) of section 318(a) shall not apply,
(ii) An individual and all members of his family described in section 318(a)(1) shall be treated as one individual,
(iii) Subject to paragraph (k)(2) of this section, paragraph (h)(6)(ii) of this section shall not apply to members of a family who, without regard to that paragraph (h)(6)(ii), would not be 5-percent shareholders, and
(iv) If under paragraph (h)(6)(ii) of this section, an individual may be treated as a member of more than one family, and each family that is treated as one individual is a 5-percent shareholder (or would be treated as a 5-percent shareholder if such individual were treated as a member of such family), then such individual shall be treated only as a member of the family that results in the smallest increase in the total percentage stock ownership of the 5-percent shareholders on the testing date and shall not be treated as the member of any other family.
(i) [Reserved]


26 CFR § 1.382-2T

Scoping language

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