Main line

Main line means, except as provided in 236.1019 or where all trains are limited to restricted speed within a yard or terminal area or on auxiliary or industry tracks, a segment or route of railroad tracks:
(1) Of a Class I railroad, as documented in current timetables filed by the Class I railroad with the FRA under ยง 217.7 of this title, over which 5,000,000 or more gross tons of railroad traffic is transported annually; or
(2) Used for regularly scheduled intercity or commuter rail passenger service, as defined in 49 U.S.C. 24102, or both. Tourist, scenic, historic, or excursion operations as defined in part 238 of this chapter are not considered intercity or commuter passenger service for purposes of this part.


49 CFR § 236.1003

Scoping language

Definitions contained in subparts G and H of this part apply equally to this subpart.

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