Qualifying appointment

Qualifying appointment means -
(a) A career or career-conditional appointment in the competitive service or the equivalent in the excepted service;
(b) A career appointment in the Senior Executive Service;
(c) An excepted appointment without time limitation, except under Schedule C or an equivalent appointment made for similar purposes;
(d) An overseas limited appointment without time limitation;
(e) A status quo appointment, including one that becomes indefinite when the employee is promoted, demoted, or reassigned;
(f) A time-limited appointment in the Foreign Service, when the employee was assigned under a statutory authority that carried entitlement to reemployment in the same agency, but this right of reemployment has expired; and
(g) A time-limited appointment (including a series of time-limited appointments by the same agency without any intervening break in service) for full-time employment that takes effect within 3 calendar days after the end of one of the qualifying appointments listed in paragraphs (a) through (f) of this definition, provided the time-limited appointment is not nonqualifying on grounds other than the time-limited nature of the appointment.


5 CFR § 550.703

Scoping language

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