PCB bulk product waste

PCB bulk product waste means waste derived from manufactured products containing PCBs in a non-liquid state, at any concentration where the concentration at the time of designation for disposal was 50 ppm PCBs. PCB bulk product waste does not include PCBs or PCB Items regulated for disposal under 761.60 through (c), 761.61, 761.63, or 761.64. PCB bulk product waste includes, but is not limited to:
(1) Non-liquid bulk wastes or debris from the demolition of buildings and other man-made structures manufactured, coated, or serviced with PCBs. PCB bulk product waste does not include debris from the demolition of buildings or other man-made structures that is contaminated by spills from regulated PCBs which have not been disposed of, decontaminated, or otherwise cleaned up in accordance with subpart D of this part.
(2) PCB-containing wastes from the shredding of automobiles, household appliances, or industrial appliances.
(3) Plastics (such as plastic insulation from wire or cable; radio, television and computer casings; vehicle parts; or furniture laminates); preformed or molded rubber parts and components; applied dried paints, varnishes, waxes or other similar coatings or sealants; caulking; adhesives; paper; Galbestos; sound deadening or other types of insulation; and felt or fabric products such as gaskets.
(4) Fluorescent light ballasts containing PCBs in the potting material.


40 CFR § 761.3

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